Right Turn Free Standing Slide (2 Deck Heights)


The Right Turn Free Standing Slide has a simple design which is wonderfully suited for young children. It features a set of stairs that lead up to a top deck that has a rotationally molded plastic slide attached to it. The stairs and deck are coated with a layer of high-traction PVC plastisol to prevent slipping, and have secure metal handrails surrounding them for the same reason. The slide features a slight right turn which slows the riders down a little bit, and deposits them closer to the stairs so that they can more quickly climb back up to go again. This model comes in both three and four foot sizes, measured from the ground to the deck, so that you can choose the one best suited for your playground. Multiple color options for the structure’s various components can be requested from a member of our highly qualified playground sales team.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years


3 foot deck height (4' 7" x 10' 2"), 4 foot deck height (5' 3" x 10' 6")

Use Zone:

3 foot deck height (16' 7" x 22' 2") 4 foot deck height (17' 3" x 22' 6")

Product Highlights:

Galvanized steel support posts and handrails with a layer of powder coat paint Usable by all children 2-12 years of age Perforated stairs and deck to prevent water from accumulating Fortified with 3.5” thick support posts


3 foot deck height, 4 foot deck height