Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon

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Nothing is worse than cigarette butts on the ground. Even with smoking going out of style, there is almost always someone that is smoking. With the MyTCoat Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon, take back control over where people are smoking on your property. The Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon immediately shows smokers where to go with it’s visible height, keeping them away from other patrons. It then provides a ready place for cigarette butts to go leaving you with easy cleaning and an all around nicer venue. The Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon can be more than a stand-alone item with the Ribbed Steel Curled Bench With Back or even the Ribbed Steel Pipe Bench Without Back just to name a few of the many items that share the same styling. With that, smokers are provided with a comfortable seat during their 5 to 15 minute time further encouraging them to stay in their area and keeping the non-smoking portion of your patrons happier.

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