Rhythm Group of Three



Designed for children ages 2 to 12, Children will work together in harmony—and melody, too—with this dynamic group of rhythmic instruments built to engage children in teamwork, creativity, and a hours of imaginative, musical fun and games. This set of three musical instruments includes our Large Marimba, Four Bongos, and a Xylophone for the ultimate percussive experience. Bolts and stands ensure that the instruments are secure, and each piece is specifically designed for smaller hands, meaning children as young as 12 months can participate. Each rhythmic instrument has been crafted to withstand many years of drumming and playing. And through song, children will learn hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and musical literacy. Encourage children to drum along to familiar beats or empower them to dance to their own rhythms. The combinations and possibilities are limitless.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

None required



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