Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chair

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This Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chair offers the ideal vantage point for someone to sit while supervising a pool or beach full of swimmers. It can be ordered in either a 42” or 62” seat height to provide as much elevation as your lifeguard needs to survey the entire area under their protection. Its impressive height is supported by extremely strong recycled plastic Resinwood, which is UV stabilized to withstand even the sunniest beaches without any risk of damage or discoloration (however, the lifeguard will still have to wear sunscreen). The fasteners are also made of stainless steel that is resistant to the corrosion and rust that are common problems that come with the humidity surrounding a body of water. The color options available are white, blue, or white with blue slats on the seat, back, and steps. The Lifeguard chair can optionally be ordered with wheels so that it can easily be moved around poolside areas, or put into storage when not in use.

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42 inches Seat Height, 62 inches Seat Height