Recycled Plastic Heritage Backless Bench

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The Recycled Plastic Heritage Backless Bench is a beautiful bench, made with five 2” x 4” Resinwood slats, and heavy duty cast a powder coat painted aluminum frame. The bench is designed to be a ready seat while maintaining a visual clearance with its low height. It can be approached from any side, with the back and front being preferable, making it an excellent way to divide walkways in busy parks or malls. The most durable aspect of the bench is its Resinwood slats. Resinwood is Jayhawk Plastic’s special formula of recycled plastics that creates a hard, durable, colorful plank that can handle years of use. The plank is both scratch and weather resistant making it preferable to more traditional wood or metal benches. The durable and simple design will hold up for years to come.

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4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet


Cedar, Gray, Green

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Black, Green