Recycled Plastic Comfort Park Avenue Bench

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The Recycled Plastic Comfort Park Avenue Bench is a great sitting area for a street or park. The bench is made from Jayhawk’s signature Resinwood planks that are rested upon a set of solid back bases. The Resinwood itself is an extremely durable material. Its rustproof, rot-proof, and even scratch resistant. Each plank is manufactured from recycled plastic that has been dyed and them molded into equal sized planks. The color is spread evenly thorough each piece allowing for each deep scratches to maintain the same color as the outside. The bench itself features a classic planked back with an unusual slat seat. The slats on the seat are set closely together to create an even and fairly level, if it is at an angle, seat.

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4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet


Cedar, Gray, Green