Puppy Tunnel



The Puppy Tunnel is a great activity for dedicated competitive dogs and playful pups alike. As an agility obstacle, it presents a challenge for dogs to dive through as swiftly as possible. But when dogs aren’t being trained, they will still love playing in the tunnel. They can tumble through it, engage in a fun game of Peek-a-Boo, or even catch a short respite from the sun. The tunnel has a 30-inch diameter, making it large enough for most breeds of dogs to comfortably fit through it. The tube and its square entrances are formed from high density molded plastic. The squares and tube can have different colors which you can specify with your order to create a piece that is specific to your dog park. As most dog park items, a full park would need multiple events to make a course. MyTCoat offers both the Medium Dogs N Play Set and Large Dogs N Play Set.

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