Puppy Trash Can



Turn trash into treasure with the Puppy Trash Can from MyTCoat. The puppy cut-out proclaims to all what the park is for before even stepping foot into it. The trash receptacle itself is a standard 32 gallon size. The bin itself is made from punched steel and coated in Paw Protect to ensure that no matter the garbage that it has to put up with, it will endure for years to come. Inside sits a 32 Gallon Plastic Liner which is covered by a standard 32 Gallon Frisbee Lid. Both items are included with the trash receptacle. One thing that you will need to be sure to add to your order is either the Trash Receptacle In-ground Mount or the Trash Receptacle Surface Mount. Both mounts work well with the trash receptacle, however in-ground is better for grass and dirt whereas surface is better for more solid surfaces such as concrete..

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