Puppy Spa Table



One of the most difficult chores for a dog owner is grooming their pet. Short-haired dogs leave short pieces of themselves everywhere with each brush stroke, medium-haired dogs have coat changes between the seasons and finally long-haired dogs need attention with scissors or a well placed pair of clippers. The Puppy Spa Table from MyTCoat is designed to make these grooming encounters less stressful as well as faster. The table is elevated just enough so that Fido can jump up onto it and the owner doesn’t need to grab a knee to even begin grooming them. The process can be eased even further with the addition of the Puppy Spa Accessory Pad which provides a ready place for all the tools necessary for grooming. The table is coated in Paw Protect to keep it rust-free and looking good even after thousands of paws, small and large, have tread upon it.

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