Puppy Spa Accessory Pad



Keep everything close at hand with the Puppy Spa Accessory Pad from MyTCoat. One of the worst things about grooming a dog is having to set tools down as you go. The Puppy Spa Accessory Pad eliminates that issue by raising them up to a reachable height when you’re working on a dog. The pad is 16-inches wide to accommodate grooming supplies from brushes to wireless clippers, all of which are easily lost under a prancing animal. MyTCoat has designed the Puppy Spa Accessory Pad to perfectly compliment the Puppy Spa Table. Simply install four Puppy Spa Accessory Pads at each corner of the Puppy Spa Table to ensure users will always have a place to set their tools. The most charming aspect of this miniature table is the dog bone in the center of the pad making it clear who this table is for.

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