Puppy Climbing Wall



The Puppy Climbing Wall is a great agility obstacle for novices and experts alike. Dogs can quickly learn to walk up one side of the ramp and down the other, but with practice, they can be taught to do it quickly and on command. An essential component of most competitive dog courses, your patrons will appreciate the chance to practice. The ramp has small ridges on both sides that help the dogs to keep their traction, so they don’t slip on the way up or tumble on the way down. It is even coated with our Paw Protect formula that is gentle on sensitive paws. The ramps have a friendly and inviting design, full of decorative dog bones. The Puppy Climbing Wall is even better when used with other events and can be purchased in the Large Dogs N Play Set where it is complimented by other balancing events as well as contrasted with some jumping events as well.

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