Preschool Chinning Bars

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Kids will swing to new heights and gain upper body motor skills with the Chinning Bars. Perfect for kids ages two to twelve, the Chinning Bars come in graduated heights with a use zone of 21’6” x 12’6”. The fall height is only 4’9,” making it a safe option for budding gymnasts and climbing-lovers alike. They offer a variety of physical challenges, and kids can practice bar circles and chin-ups. The bars fit up to four kids and are made from sturdy, weatherproof materials. This accessory, quite literally, elevates your outdoor space and creates a safe outlet for kids to expend excess energy.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years

Use Zone:

21' 6" L x 12' 6" W x 4' 9" H

Product Highlights:

Great for building upper body strength Encourages socialization with other children Classically simple piece of playground equipment Fits well with most other structures


Wood, Metal