Polly Parrot


Not even the Swiss Family Robinson could have imagined anything as astounding as the tree house themed Polly Parrot play structure. The main structure is made up of elevated platforms connected by stairs and a bones tunnel. Children can access this structure by a stump climber, elephant stairs, or classic stairs. This play structure comes equipped with a right turn tube slide, a spiral slide, and a double right turn slide. Features such as a flower topper, a flower face topper, a monkey topper, a palm tree topper, and a gable roof will make children feel as if they are really playing in the treetops of a jungle forest. The Polly Parrot play structure is ADA compliant and has features such as bongos, a stump window panel, a tree house counter panel, and a rain wheel, amidst other features. This structure is designed for children 2 to 12 years of age.