Plaza Table

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The Plaza Table has a large square surface similar to a coffee table. Standing at 20 inches, it has the perfect height to go with matching Plaza Chairs, although its understated design looks great with any seating. Its shape allows several people to sit all around it and all is the same distance from each other, unlike longer tables, which force some people to sit father away. This makes it ideal for playing cards or tabletop games on, or for potluck style meals with several plates that would otherwise be hard to reach. Its sturdy frame allows it to support large amounts of weight, even functioning as additional seating if the area becomes crowded. The surface of the table is made from ten slats of high quality recycled plastic Resinwood. The two slats on the ends are slightly wider, and have a rounded demi-bullnose shape to soften their edge. Like the other items in the Plaza product line, it comes in cedar, gray, green, or redwood colors.

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Cedar, Green