PlayShell 8-Sided Fort



Designed for children ages 5-12, The PlayShell 8-Sided Fort is an awesome playground structure which allows children to climb in all directions. Children can climb all around on the inside of the fort, or scale the outer walls. There are also plenty of wide spaces beneath the PlayShells, which kids can use to get in and out. On top of the walls, there are arched support bars which kids can hold onto for extra balance and support. The unique shape of the playshells makes this structure unlike any other climbers found on the playground, although it does pair well with many of our other structures with PlayShell elements. Climbing the walls is a great way for kids to get exercise which uses both their arms and their legs. Additionally, the inside of the fort acts as a nice clubhouse, with partial shade cover to help keep them out of the sun.

Additional information

Age Range

5 – 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

20' 7" x 20' 7" x 5' 6"



Model Number