Playscape Up/Down Crawl Thru


The Up/Down Crawl Thru is a simple toy but something that not many playgrounds have. This is a climbing frame with a twist, allowing children to climb up, slide, and create their own games surrounding this piece of apparatus. Climbing is of course a necessary part of play, allowing your children to build strength and exercise. Children playing with the device will also be able to improve their motor skills, mental ability and their coordination. Climbing is also really fun for children, and the added ability to slide down at the other side will be a great way for your children to start enjoying exercise. This is the perfect piece for public playgrounds and school playgrounds, so don’t miss out on this great playground apparatus offer.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 5 years


3\' x 12\'

Use Zone:

15\' x 24\'

Warranty Information:

Lifetime Aluminum Rings 1 year All Products


In-Ground Mount, Portable Mount