Playmore SinGle Play Drum Table

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Designed for children ages 2-12, The SinGle Play Drum Table is a carefully crafted and tuned percussion instrument that can be taken with you wherever you go. Its portable base allows it to be taken anywhere the music strikes you, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. The drum can be placed on a flat surface and played by multiple people sitting around it, or placed on a single musician’s lap for an individual experience. The rugged REMO drum heads can be played by musicians striking it with their hands like a bongo, or it can be played with mallets like a timpani for an entirely different sound. The heads are finely tuned so that they produce a range of different tones when struck in different places. The plastic base of the drum allows it to rotate freely, and is made from recycled materials. This is a great way to give children of any age the gift of music and rhythm.

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2 – 12 years

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Black, Green, Red and Blue, Red and Yellow