Perforated Steel Wide Seat Player’s Bench without Back

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The Perforated Steel Wide Seat Player’s Bench without Back is a simple bench optimized for rough outdoor use. Its seat is wider than that of a traditional bench, which is intended to offer more room for athletes and sports equipment. However, it is equally good for any other area or activity where people might want to sit down. It has no back, which makes it easier to step over, allows users to sit facing either direction, and keeps players from getting too comfortable before being put back in the game. There are three lengths available, ranging from 4 to 8 feet, to allow you to select the one best suited to the size of your team, budget, and available space. It can also be ordered with your choice of a portable base for mobility, or a permanent surface or in-ground mount. Win or lose, this bench will continue to support your team no matter what.

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