Perforated Steel Single Pedestal Bench

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The Perforated Steel Single Pedestal Bench with Back is an excellent option for outdoor seating thanks to its simple design, sturdy build, and wide range of customizable features. The seat and back of the bench are made from tough steel materials with a specialized weatherproof coating. There are three coating options available: powder coat paint, which is the cheapest option; the industry standard coating, which provides a large degree of protection against cold, moisture, and other outdoor conditions; and our specialty Advanced Coating, which is made to protect the bench from harm throughout its entire lifespan and is backed up by a guaranteed seven-year warranty. The bench rests on two thick square beams, which make sure that it is completely secure and can withstand nearly any foreseeable amount of force or weight. It is even available in a versatile selection of colors, depending on which coating option is chosen.

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