Perforated Steel MOD Bench with Back

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The Perforated Steel MOD Bench with Back is a cleverly designed bench that blends the arms, seat, and back of the bench into one composite design. The arms are connected by two cross-beams which support the bottom and back of the bench, making it highly sturdy and stable. The rest of the bench is made from a single curved piece of perforated steel which bends to support the full body of the person sitting in it for maximum comfort.The perforated holes in the bench give it an even polka-dotted texture, while helping it to cool off during the summer and stay dry after it rains. There are four-foot and six-foot sizes of this bench for sale, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your available space and desired seating capacity. It is also available in different colors, and with three different choices of protective coating.

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