Percussion Play Papilio

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Designed for children ages 2 to 12 years and Adults, Channel the cheerful energy of this instrument’s namesake, the butterfly, with the impossibly bright, ethereal tones of the Papilio. Shaped to resemble a fluttering monarch, this set of tubular bells has been constructed from anodized aluminum tubes suspended by stainless steel cables, with a sturdy, stainless steel frame to match. Two to four players can strike the chimes at once, creating a glorious harmony of bells that carries on the wind. Tuned in the Key of C-Major, the pentatonic nature-tones are optimistic, calming, and therapeutic for both listeners and players. With a tonal range from Middle C to C7, the Papillon spans an impressive three octaves. And kids and adults will love the Papilio’s inclusivity; there are no wrong notes, meaning even toddlers can play with confidence. And the design is ADA-accessible.

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2 to 12 years and Adults

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