Percussion Play Duo

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Designed for children ages 2 to 12 years and Adults, The Duo is a unique musical instrument which is perfect for allowing pairs of musicians to play in tandem. It has four mallets, so that both musicians will have full access to the instrument. There are a total of 22 keys, which means that each musician will be able to play 11 notes, which is a very flexible range. The Duo’s wavy shape not only makes it look stylishly modern, but also allows each musician to have an arch of keys in front of them. Each key is securely attached to its own individual resonator, which gives them a clear tone. There are no strings or wires involved, which is great because that makes it more durable. The robust design of the Duo makes it great for outdoor use, where it can withstand frequent use and outdoor weather conditions with no wear or tear.

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Age Range

2 to 12 years and Adults

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Standard, Heavy Duty


In-ground, Surface