Peoria Heights


The Peoria Heights play system will have kids crawling and climbing all over it to explore every fun component that it has to offer. Its structure has a horseshoe shape that loops around and ends right by where it starts, encouraging kids to keep going around the loop again and again. One end of the loop has a set of easily accessible Transfer Station stairs, along with a Pixel Climber that has a low slope to make it easier to climb. The other side of the loop has three slightly more challenging climbers: a Vertical Ladder, an Inverted Arch Ladder, and a Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall. This section is connected to the rest of the structure by a unique Curved Tube Bridge, which is a long enclosed passage that kids can crawl through. The most exciting climbers are in the middle of the structure, however. There, kids will find a Lotus Climber and Disk Climber, which are hybrids of metal and plastic components, and a Cyclone Climber Attachment, which is a twisted version of a standard rock wall.