Palm Place


Palm Place makes a perfect central location for children’s playtime activities. They will love hanging out on its elevated surface, as well as hiding out underneath behind the Stump Window Panel. It has a Hex Leaf Roof sheltering a large play area where children can enjoy a respite from the sun on hot days. The platform also includes a Maze Panel for children to figure out. To get to the platform, children have their choice of using the Bamboo Arch Climber, the Jungle Climber, or the ADA compliant Transfer Station. This structure is great for children of all ages, as its many activities provide different levels of difficulty and excitement. Children can also choose their sliding experience with either a Right Turn Slide or a Straight Slide. A ship’s wheel on the ground floor of the structure is another simple but enjoyable feature. Installation services are available just about anywhere. Contact a representative for more information.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 12 years

Child Capacity

24 – 29

Fall Height


Post Diameter


Product Type

Tree House

Safety Zone

29' 11" x 32' 2"