NatureROCKS The Rockies Netted Boulders



The Rockies Netted Boulders includes two medium-sized NatureROCKS boulders with the rust sandstone coloration, and a pair of parallel ropes to bridge the gap between them. Children can attempt to cross from one side to the other by holding onto the top rope for support and walking along the bottom one like a tightrope. Of course, creative kids will think of more activities to do with them, like hanging from the top rope, or trying to jump between the two without touching them. The two towering sandstone structures are also very climbable, with plenty of ridges to step up onto and a flat summit to sit and rest after cresting them. Their realistic appearance can make any outdoor area feel like an arid wilderness, which feeds into children’s imaginary adventures. And thanks to the overhanging shape and opposite-facing directions of the boulders, kids will always find some shade under them, which is important even in a pretend desert.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

19' x 30'



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