NatureROCKS Spider Mountain Netted Boulder



The NatureROCKS Spider Mountain Netted Boulder is an exciting challenge for the most daring playground adventurers. It comes with a 6-foot tall dark gray granite boulder, a 6-foot tall log post, and 96 inches of netting to connect the two. The net is made from 16-millimeter thick ropes of extremely durable steel wire and synthetic fibers with a coating of UV resistant polyester fiber, and is designed to look like a giant spider web. This pattern creates oodles of perfect spaces for hand and foot holds, and allows kids to pretend they are escaping from the web of an enormous spider. They can, of course, also climb on the rocky outcropping, which has a perfect shape to allow kids to easily and safely ascend to the top. As with all models of Everlast Climbing Netted Boulders, Spider Mountain is recommended for school aged children (5 – 12 years old).

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

28' x 23'



Model Number