NatureROCKS Small Boulder – Rust Sandstone



This Rust Sandstone colored NatureROCKS Small Boulder is a simple but functional structure for children to climb on, as well as a beautiful item of decoration which improves the aesthetic appeal of any playground. It is artfully modeled and designed to look just like real sandstone outcropping, although it is actually made from sturdy glass fiber reinforced concrete. It has a few small ledges which conveniently make it easy for even young children to climb, as well as a flat top that is wide enough to stand on. It is 3 feet tall at its highest point, and 6 feet by 5.5 feet at its base, making it large enough to accommodate two young climbers at once. Installing this boulder near other NatureROCKS Sandstone boulders helps to complete the atmosphere of a desert, valley, or gorge, giving kids a perfect opportunity to imagine they are adventurous travelers or explorers.

Additional information

Age Range

2 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

18' x 19'



Model Number