NatureROCKS Small Boulder – Dark Gray Granite



The Dark Gray NatureROCKS Small Boulder is an excellent decoration for any playground that kids will also love to climb and play on. They will feel just as if they were climbing around on an actual rocky mountain landscape. Installing the boulder near other natural or Everlast Climbing structures will help complete the adventurous atmosphere. The design of this structure is inspired by real outcroppings of stone, and features several small curves and ledges that kids can scramble up. The rough, hand painted surface of the boulder has a striking level of detail which makes it look and feel just like real granite. It is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, so it will have no problem withstanding years of outdoor conditions and frequent climbing by youngsters. The Small Granite Boulder is recommended for children aged five to twelve, with a surrounding area of approved safety surfacing.

Additional information

Age Range

2 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

17' x 18'



Model Number