NatureROCKS Preschool Age (2-5 years) Tree Stumps (Set of 3 with 2 small, 1 medium height)



Designed for children ages 2-5, The NatureROCKS Preschool Age Tree Stumps function as appealing decorations, enjoyable play structures, and convenient places to sit. They look almost exactly like the stumps of stubborn trees that grew right through the required protective safety surfacing. However, these stumps are actually made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, which makes them significantly stronger and more long-lasting than real wood. They have highly detailed bark and wood textures which are meticulously hand painted for an extremely high level of realism. Kids will delight in trying to jump from the top of one stump to land squarely on another without losing their balance. The stumps in this set range from twelve to twenty inches in height, making them appealing to children of all ages. The inclusion of one slightly taller stump makes these steppers a little more challenging and less repetitive than they would be if they were all the same height.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 5 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

14' x 19'



Model Number