NatureROCKS Pike’s Peak Netted Boulder



The NatureROCKS Pike’s Peak Netted Boulder is the smallest model of netted boulder that we carry, offering an easier challenge for children who might not be ready for the larger climbing structures. It comes with a small dark gray granite colored boulder, with a small tapered ladder net hanging down from one side. The 3 foot tall boulder can easily be scaled from any side, but the net adds an interesting bit of variance. The net is triangular, with the two ropes that anchor it to the ground being completely taught to prevent it from moving or swaying while in use. Kids can sit on its rungs and be suspended a few inches above the ground. The boulder and net are both made from extremely strong materials which are sure to withstand extreme weather and use by even the rowdiest of kids. Pike’s Peak is made for adventurers ages two and up.

Additional information

Age Range

2 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

19' x 20'



Model Number