NatureROCKS Mount McKinley Netted Boulder



The NatureROCKS Mount McKinley Netted Boulder includes dark gray granite colored medium NatureROCKS boulder with a heavy-duty net ladder attached to the peak. The ladder adds a large degree of functionality to the structure, as it offers kids another way to climb up to and down from the peak. They can also hang from the underside of the net, or try climbing upside down. Unlike a normal rope ladder, it has an additional rope intersecting the middle of its length, providing added stability. The boulder is designed to look exactly like a real outcropping of rock, but still has a large number of crags that kids can hang onto, and a flat top where they can stand while they wait for their friends to join them, or for the ladder to be unoccupied so that they can climb down. Mount McKinley is not available in rust sandstone color.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

23' x 26"



Model Number