NatureROCKS Mount Hayden Netted Boulder



The NatureROCKS Mount Hayden Netted Boulder set features towering rust sandstone colored medium boulder with the addition of a pair of climbing ropes fastened to a six-foot tall log post. The climbing ropes have a parallel placement with one a few feet above the other, so that kids can attempt to cross the lower one like a tightrope while holding onto the higher one to keep their balance. This presents kids with an obstacle which is the perfect combination of challenging, safe, and fun. The log post provides an ideal place to anchor the two ropes without detracting from the natural appearance of the structure. Although kids will surely imagine they are bravely inching across precarious ropes over a terrifying ravine, in reality they will be completely secure. The ropes used in this structure are 16 millimeters thick and made from tightly woven steel wire with an outer layer of UV resistant polyester fiber.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

19' x 28'



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