NatureROCKS Large Boulder – Rust Sandstone



The NatureROCKS Large Rust Sandstone Boulder is the biggest model of climbing boulder offered in this color. It is a great decorative sculpture, as well as a wonderful structure for children to climb on. It has a coarse texture with crags and striations just like those found on natural sandstone rock formations. Its rugged shape also makes it perfect for climbing, and kids will find no shortage of places to grab onto and hang from. Its unusual shape also adds to its natural appeal while making each side a unique climbing challenge. This monolithic structure can make any playground or outdoor space feel like a canyon, especially when placed near other net climbers or NatureROCKS boulders with rust sandstone coloring. Another impressive feature of the large NatureROCKS boulders is that when placed next to a medium boulder of the same type, they form an archway large enough for children to hike through.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

18' x 20'

Fall Height




Model Number