NatureROCKS Cascade Range Netted Boulders




The NatureROCKS Cascade Range Netted Boulders is the most challenging set of netted boulders that Everlast Climbing has to offer. It includes two medium (6’ tall) boulders and one large (8’ tall) boulders, all connected by a series of strong nets. By climbing up the rock faces and across the nets, kids can navigate the entire structure in one continuous adventure without ever touching the ground. Each net used in the structure is made from ropes with an extremely strong blend of steel and synthetic fibers with a protective nylon coating. They are easily strong enough to support multiple children at once, and each net has a unique design to provide varied climbing experiences. The boulders included in this set are hand painted with the rust sandstone coloration to imitate the appearance of natural outcroppings in a canyon or desert. The set is large enough and sturdy enough to be suitable for very large crowds of young adventurers.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Safety Zone

34' x 35'



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