NatureROCKS 3 Boulder Set – Rust Sandstone (small, medium, large)



The Set of 3 Rust Sandstone Boulders includes a large, medium, and small climbing boulder which can be arranged in any desired configuration. Each boulder has a unique appearance with natural-looking crags and ledges that happen to be perfect for climbing on. The medium and large sizes can even be placed together to form a single enormous structure with an archway that kids can go through or hide under. The boulders included in this package feature the rust sandstone coloration and design, which mimics the appearance of actual sandstone outcroppings that might be found in a desert in Australia or the American southwest. This imitation is made complete with its detailed hand painted finish and a coarse, granular texture just like real sandstone. Kids will have countless pretend adventures fueled by the natural appearance of these structures. Ordering all three boulders in this package saves a significant amount of money over buying all three pieces individually.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

19' x 28'



Model Number