Merry Go Scooter – 4 Seats


Designed for children ages 2-5, The popular Merry Go Cycle is now available in the miniaturized form of the Merry Go Scooter. The design of the scooter allows smaller children to use their feet to turn in circles. This is great for kids who do not know how to use pedals yet, or who are maybe just a little to short to reach. There are four seats so up to four children can play at one time. Each seat also features a handle for added safety. One of the great positives about this unit is that, though it is seen as a group activity, it can also be an individual activity. The Merry Go Scooter turns easily, so even one child can have a good time. The seats are 12 inches high and the unit is 48 inches wide. The Merry Go Scooter comes standard in the colors shown, however additional colors are available upon request.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 5 years

Child Capacity


Fall Height

1' 9"

Safety Zone

16' diameter circle

Model Number