Medium Dogs N Play Set



Whether large, small, or even average, every dog will enjoy MyTCoat’s Medium Dogs N Play Set. The set includes jumping, running, and balance events while including a few key site amenities. Dogs will bound joyously across the Stepping Pads unknowingly working on their balance. Most dogs will not be able to resist the urge to zip through the Puppy Tunnel and then leap over the Puppy Hurdle. For a final trick, pups will love trying to jump through the Three Hoop Puppy Jump again and again in various combinations. After all of their playing, it will be time for rest and possibly a good brush at the Puppy Spa Table. Next to the table, there are four Puppy Spa Accesory Pads for all of the gear necessary and a Leash Terminal for your dog’s leash. The entire set lends itself to a wonderful day at the dog park.

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