Lynx Landing


Lynx Landing adds a little pizazz to the traditional playground slide, with a roof, large transfer station, and attractive appearance. The fun starts with a ramp made of durable and rust-resistant steel which is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, making Lynx Landing ADA compliant. Protecting the main part of the structure is a Club House Roof. Beneath it, there is a Maze Panel and a Gear Panel, providing fun activities for children to enjoy while they stay in the shade for a bit. Once children are up, they can come back down again on either side of the double slide before doing it all over again. The base of the structure is sheltered by two window stump Panels, giving it the charm and character of a rustic tree dwelling. Lynx Landing is a fun and visually appealing structure which is a source of both fun and creativity. Installation services can be requested from our sales representatives.