Lumbering Lemur


The Lumbering Lemur play system form out Tree House series provides a vibrant appearance and elevated activities which will make children feel as though they are dashing through a treetop canopy. The highlight of this structure is its two impressive slides, which will have kids climbing up to use them again and again. Both the curved tube slide and open Right Turn Slide have enough length and height to be thrilling, but are different enough that kids will find things to love about each of them. Paw print and Pod Climbers let kids use their balance and strength to reach the top, but the ADA compliant transfer station is there as well for children who want an easier way up. Palm Tree Toppers and the large Hex Leaf Roof provide shade as well as a verdant look that adds to the natural atmosphere. Two Stump Store Panels on the ground form the ‘trunk’ of the tree, and provide children yet another place to play and imagine together. Don’t forget to use a proper playground surface such as wood or rubber mulch when installing any structure. Contact one of our representatives today for more information.