Lizzy Lizard


The Lizzy Lizard play structure has multiple levels and slides for a fun tree house themed feeling. Kids can climb to the top level and slide down a spiral open slide or spiral tube slide to the ground level. There is a double slide coming off of one end of the structure allowing kids to slide with friends. Kids can ascend the structure by following the ramp bridge to the top level. The maze panel, ships wheel, rain wheel, tree house counter panel, bubble panel, tic tac toe panel, store panel and bongos add to the fun throughout the structure on all levels. The structure suspension off the ground adds to the fun tree house feel and allows the kids to enjoy climbers and benches on ground level. The elephant stairs and paw print climber are exciting features that allow kids different ways to climb the Lizzy Lizard tree house play structure. The Lizzy Lizard is designed for children ages 5-12 years old and is ADA compliant.