Learning Junction


With Learning Junction, mental growth doesn’t have to stop at playtime. This two-in-one education station includes a Spelling Panel and a Math Panel. The panels have rotating cylinders, which can be turned to display a variety of different letters, numbers, and mathematical symbols. The spelling panel has three wheels that can display different letters to form simple three letter words. A surprising number of words can be made. Some of the possibilities are printed around the letter wheels, so that kids can start by spelling those words before coming up with more. The Math Panel works in a similar way, where children can ‘spell’ out simple mathematical expressions by rotating the five wheels. Some sample problems are listed on the panel itself to get them started. The ingenious thing about this panel is that young children can copy and solve the problems from the board, while more advanced children can challenge themselves by spinning the wheels randomly and trying to solve whatever problem comes up. This panel can even help to prepare them for algebra, since it involves making changes on both sides of the equation. Kids may be wary of doing ‘schoolwork’ on the playground, but Learning Junction is completely optional, allows them to go at their own pace, and, most importantly, doesn’t tell them what to do. For some children, that makes it the perfect educational tool.

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2 – 12 years

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None required