Large Rubber Boulder

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To young children, giant rocks are about as appealing as fluffy little puppies are. They see a rock and they naturally want to climb on them, but real rocks pose a great amount of potential danger from sharp edges, movement, and slippery surfaces. This Large Rubber Boulder by Pierceton is the perfect alternative to the real thing, only it is a whole lot safer. Although it looks real to children, it is made from soft, but heavy-duty rubber, which is attractive to parents and guardians. Pierceton offers this Large Rubber Boulder in four fantastic colors, and they are suitable for children 2 through 12-years-old. Climbing equipment on a playground promotes balance, agility, healthy muscle formation, concentration, and coordination. The Large Rubber Boulder is both easy to install and maintain.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years


3' 6" long x 4' 8" wide x 2' 6" high

Use Zone:

15' 6" x 16' 8"

Warranty Information:

5 years


Black, Blue, Gray, Green