Large Dogs N Play Set



Dog parks are a wonderful place to take dogs to socialize which is why MyTCoat has created the Large Dogs N Play Set. The set includes all of the equipment necessary to keep any dog entertained. For a nice warm up, the kit has a Puppy Climbing Wall to get dogs to stretch their legs with quick run up and then down the arched structure. Their exercise will continue with a run through the Puppy Tunnel. Then they are ready for some of the more advanced pieces of equipment. Step by step they’ll get closer to jumping as they find their way across the Stepping Pads. They’ll finally be ready to tackle any of the three jumps included in the kits: the Three Hoop Puppy Jump, the Two Hoop Puppy Jump and eventually the Puppy Hurdle. Owners will have the space necessary to unleash their pup and clean them up with the Leash Terminal, Puppy Spa Accessory Pad and the Puppy Spa Table.

The Medium Dogs N Play Set and the Small Dogs N Play Set are excellent options for those looking for a slightly smaller set.

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