Large Adaptive Swing Seat


Swinging is hands down one of the most popular playground activities among children. Let’s be honest: Even as adults, we love to hop on the swings from time to time and be kids again! But unless a swing set has a swing for a disabled child, some children can be left out of the fun. A specially designed adaptive swing seat can help make the joys of being suspended in the air while sitting in a swing available to kids of all abilities. Children with disabilities deserve the right to have the same play opportunities as a typical child, and this handicap swing seat is designed to provide safety and comfort to those with special needs while enhancing the attractiveness of the swing set.

Swings for special-needs kids are designed to meet all ADA standards, ensuring that you remain in compliance with federal regulations concerning the disabled children playing on your property. The entire swing for a disabled child is made up of durable, rotational-molded plastic, and you can order it online in several different colors. Children 12 and younger with physical disabilities and those who weigh less than 125 pounds can have comfortable accommodation in these uniquely adaptive swings. Just imagine the look of joy on a child’s face when they experience the delightful sensation of going back and forth in a swing!

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