Large Adaptive Outdoor Swing Seat


An Adaptive Swing for Playground Use

This large adaptive playground swing is a perfect way to make your outdoor play space more inclusive. Thanks to its harnessed design, this plastic chair swing is safe and accessible for every child, including those with physical disabilities or limitations that may be unable to enjoy a standard playground swing. It can be added to any swing set, alongside traditional playground swings, furthering the goal of inclusion and play regardless of physical ability. The 5-point harness keeps kids safe by firmly and comfortably holding them in place. The full-body supportive design helps to keep children upright at all times. The heavy-duty rotationally molded plastic is highly durable and waterproof. Adaptive outdoor swings can even be customized with different color options. This set comes with a seat, harness, and chains to attach it to a swing frame with a height of eight feet.

The Advantages of Adaptive Outdoor Swings

This adaptive swing for the playground is most suitable for children ages 8 to 12. Adaptive swings are an essential part of inclusive playground design. They allow children of all abilities to enjoy the swing set. A secure buckle and harness system guarantees the safety of the child. This swing can accommodate children up to 125 pounds. Our swing seat options can ensure that every child, no matter their age, size, or ability can have fun on the swings.

  • An important part of an inclusive playground
  • Secure buckles and harness
  • Stable chain placement
  • Chain length fits an 8 foot top rail
  • Children up to 125 pounds can enjoy
  • Harness available in yellow or tan

Additional information

Age Group

5 to 12 years


3-4 weeks

Ship Parcel

This product is usually packaged for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Contact us for specific details.


52.00 LBS


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