The Kalamazoo play structure is an excellent addition to any play area which will delight all children over the age of five. It can be accessed by using either the simple Transfer Station Stairs, or the attached Overhead Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder. For ways back down, there is a 4-foot Wave Slide, as well as a smaller Double Slide, and a Fireman Pole for an even faster exit. However, some of the most interesting features of the Kalamazoo are on its ground level. It has a Crawl Tube tunnel which takes kids right under the highest deck of the structure, turning the space beneath the structure into a cool, shady, and secluded play area. There is also a Half Math Panel so that kids can practice doing simple math problems without any of the usual pressure of a classroom setting. The whole structure is completely customizable, with multiple color options available for nearly every one of its components.