JennSwing – The Original, JennSwing




The Original, JennSwing® ADA Compliant, Child Safety Swing Set Seat


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Other specifications about the Original, JennSwing® Safety Swing Seat

  • JennSwing® & Cubby II® Final Assembly Instructions
  • Designed to accommodate children up to 125lbs or 45in tall max.
  • Seat is approx. 14in wide x 11in deep.
  • Seat back is approx. 24in high with the length from knee to foot approx. 14in long.
  • It is approx. 48in in length overall.

Other pertinent details can also be found on the HOME page.

What’s included with your purchase:

Your new JennSwing® safety seat will come to you packaged in a plain, brown box (new official JennSwing® labels are in the midst of being designed), accurately measuring (rounded up here to nearest inch for shipping purposes) – 17″ x 18″ x 47″ – and they in turn weigh (average, rounded up for shipping purposes) – 31bs. each.

An adult should inspect the seat and hardware prior to every use, and be present and supervising children at all times during use. Do not allow children to stand on seat or use unsafely, and NEVER allow it to be used if found to be damaged or in need of repair during initial inspections.

Other relevant questions/answers can be found in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of this site.