Imperial Double Pendulum Swing In-Stock


There’s always time to workout, and bringing the Imperial Double Pendulum Swing to your park or playground means there is always a place to workout. This structure is designed to work out the core and lower area including the abdominals, lower back and hips. To use it just step onto the pedestal, grab onto the bars and rock from side to side, targeting your core muscles. It also has instructions conveniently printed on the panels for easy use. It is designed for ages 13 and up meaning teenagers and adults can enjoy this machine. Adding the Imperial Double Pendulum Swing to your outdoor area is an investment worth making as it will last for years with proper use and maintenance. This machine is colored in green and gray powder-coating that ensures it will resist against fading and chipping. Additionally, this is a heavy-duty piece that will withstand weather exposure.

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7' 9"



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