Humphrey Creek


Humphrey Creek is a play system which features an extensive system of climbers extending towards a central hub area. Four of this area’s six sides contain climbers, making it easy for kids to enter and exit the structure from this station. Since the hexagonal area is so large, it allows them to move easily without getting in each other’s way. Kids can reach this area by climbing the Vertical Ladder, gliding across the Curved Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder, carefully crossing the Balance Beam to reach the Pebble Climber Steps, or by conquering the Single Row Pebble Bridge and 90 Degree Trapezoid Loop Ladder. Some of these paths challenge balance, some challenge agility, and some require a combination of the two. The variety of activities and difficulty levels grant kids plenty of options and new things to try. On the opposite side of the structure, there are two 6-foot Turn Slides, to reward kids for their climbing efforts.

Additional information

Model Number


Age Range

5-12 years

Child Capacity


Fall Height


Post Diameter


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Safety Zone

42' 6" x 43' 4"