This colorful, multi-feature play structure is bound to keep children busy with fun play. The main section of the structure is made up of platforms that are connected by stairs, a bones bridge, and an arch bridge. A pebble, a spiral, and a rock hole climber give children who don’t want to use the traditional stairs access to the Hubbard play structure. A straight, a double, and two right turn slides give children various options to get off the play structure. Children can also get on and off the play structure by a curved overhead horizontal ladder that connects to a vertical ladder, or a titled lily pad bridge. A chain climbing wall, maze rung vertical ladder, curved panel climber, and overhead spinner give children a fun chance to work their upper-body strength. The Hubbard play structure is ADA compliant with features such as bongos, drums, a ship’s wheel, and a rain wheel for children to play with. This structure is designed for children 5-12 years of age.

Additional information

Model Number


Age Range

5-12 years

Child Capacity


Fall Height


Post Diameter


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Safety Zone

46' 6" x 61' 7"